Feature Spotlight: White Labelling

One of CloudD’s prime and most unique features is white labelling. A white label allows you to place your brand on a third-party tool or software and present it as your own. White labelling is a crucial tool for many companies and businesses, especially start-ups or smaller companies that intend on competing with industry giants. 

What this means for you

We understand the opportunity cost that it takes to build a working software to accompany your workflow. That’s why we’re doing it for you. Our white labelling feature enables you to stamp your logo on our CloudD solution and present it as your own! 

Here's how you can make use of our white labelling feature

  1. B2B: Re-brand and resell to business clients for profit.
  2. B2C: Re-brand and resell externally to individual end users.
  3. SaaS: Software is rebranded and hosted on the internet and licensed for subscription.

If we haven’t already convinced you of the benefits of white labelling, let us iterate the advantages of this feature compared to developing a new product from scratch. 

1) Branding

If you’re just starting up and are looking to put your brand and name out there, a white labelling software gives you a boost to step ahead of your competition. When your clients see your brand on a seamless software, your business is perceived as more reliable and trustworthy, not to mention increasing the public awareness of your brand. 

2) Time is Money

Instead of taking months to analyse what works and what doesn’t, you don’t actually need to reinvent the wheel. White labelling software has been developed by experts and tested time and time again to ensure a professional working experience, and you get to use it instantly! You simply unpack it and get started on your business. 

3) Quality and Updates

CloudD understands the importance of quality in a software product. That is why our white labelled software is tested numerous times during development. CloudD also gets consistent updates to keep up with the times and changes of digitization, saving you the trouble of learning how to code. This allows you to create your platform, set your prices, and advertise your products on a quality platform without spending any time on development.

4) Risk-free

Investing in a white labelled software ensures no risk to you, because all the bugs and quality checks are handled by our team of experts here at CloudD. You’d simply be paying for our expertise and enjoying the quality work, skipping the entire programming and design process. 

5) Customization

CloudD allows you to customize the features available on the platform, giving you full control over it. Not only that, we understand how important personalization is to companies and brands, so we ensure that our white labelling and customization features adds a touch of your personality to the software, favouring your process, and making it your own.

Take a look at our customization features:

1. Customised branding allowing you to stamp your brand, logo, or name instead of ours.

2. Choose your preferred DNS name and use your preferred cloud hosting provider.

3. Insert your own contact information with personalised email/SMS content.

4. Modifiable terms and conditions content.

5. Online payment integrations.

6. Use a different language.

All-in all, white labelling is worth the cost because it allows you to focus on your business without worrying about the software you will be using. Try our CloudD solution today to test out our features for yourself. 

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