White Label

Brand Your Own Remote Work Solution

Level of customisation available

Customised branding

Choose your preferred DNS name

Use your preferred cloud hosting provider

Modifiable terms and conditions content

Personalised Email / SMS content

Insert your own contact information

Online payment integrations

Use a different language

Why Get Your Own Remote Work Solution?

Gain an edge, stay ahead of competition.

All-In-One Workplace

One stop platform for all document-related tasks

Virtual workplace to support a remote workforce

Access information and complete tasks from anywhere on any device

Personalised Marketing Platform

Cultivate brand awareness and loyalty

Supports targeted marketing campaigns towards users

Roll out marketing campaigns and gain instant visibility

Value-Adding Proposition

Reward and promote retention among existing users

Attract potential users by providing a super useful app

Impress users by actively meeting their needs

Interested In White Labelling?

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