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CloudD allows your team to work from anywhere while maintaining productivity by keeping a seamless collaboration between people and content. We want to solve all your remote working frustrations.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has broken the traditional ways of running a business. Many companies are faced with new restrictions and are forced to rethink their working practices. With the emergence of a new normal – Working From Home, we offer you a simple solution to allow your team to work from home while maintaining the same level of productivity by keeping a seamless collaboration between people and content.

Introducing – CloudD.

CloudD is a remote collaboration tool that aims to solve your daily business operational needs from the cloud. Our vision is to introduce an all-in-one solution to simplify work for your remote workforce by centralising content, providing an integrated platform for your day-to-day activities, enabling essential business functions and allowing collaboration across teams within a secure environment.

On CloudD, you are not only limited to working with people in your own organisation, but you also have your own personal workspace, and you are able to work on short term projects with people outside your organisation, mimicking the real-world work environment.

In addition to that, today’s workforce is bombarded with endless information, some important and some pure noise/distractions. Every morning, when you begin your day, the routine is to comb through all the important channels you use to identify items that require your further action and filter out unimportant ones. This is highly inefficient! Hence, CloudD is built with the goal of making work simple and allowing you to clear work out of your way as soon as possible, giving you more time to focus on more strategic work or even personal development. By improving the way we work, we believe that is how a highly effective workforce is built.

Effective Remote Workforce

How do we help you achieve it? Check out our CloudD features here.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Offload office file servers to CloudD and make these electronic files accessible while working away from office. Never suffer from VPN connectivity issues again.

Effective Collaboration

Collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere with file sharing, discussion threads and submission management features.

Virtual Project Rooms

Secure Sites or Data Rooms to host documents for specific projects, meetings or events.

Content Centralisation

Store, manage and retrieve/share your content from one single cloud repository.

Alleviate your security concerns

Enhanced encryption and reliable controls help keep your important data safe in CloudD.

Why CloudD?

We Know You Better

CloudD hears our audience and comes up with a complete suite of remote collaboration features to meet your day-to-day remote work needs.

White Labelling

We cater to folks who want to personalize the application with your own company identity such as logo and color scheme. CloudD doubles up as an advertising or broadcasting channel to your users.

Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated support team to address your support-related queries round-the-clock.

Remote Working Can Be Easy With CloudD

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