5 Types of White Label Solutions

White-label products are products or services produced or provided by a company (brand), and are renamed and sold by other retailers under their own trademarks (brands and logos). When a manufacturing company removes its “brand and logo” elements from the final product and applies the brand requested by the buyer or retailer, a white label is utilized.

The simplest way to visualise a white label solution is through its applications in various fields. Therefore, in this article we explain how a white label can be used in marketing, social media, and even as websites. 

#1: White label website solutions

The White-label website solution can be any service or product related to the website, and the reseller can rename it and sell it to commercial customers at their own price. It can be a website hosting reseller program, a rebrand web design service, or even a plugin for a reselling website. The most common form of white label website is design and development services provided by third-party vendors. Companies can sell websites designed by white label website providers under their own brands and at their own prices.

One good example of a company that provides this service is named Vendasta. Their features include social posting as well as high quality blog posts.

#2: White-Label Graphic Design

White- label graphic design is a service where graphic design experts or agencies can create custom design work, and you can rename and resell it through your own company. It can be a resale service where graphic designers work with end customers, but work within your company.

 This is one aspect of rebranding content creation, but it focuses on the general visual aspects of marketing, from business card design to brochure design and content to complete corporate branding identity design.

An example of a company that provides this service is called Designmatic. They provide services that allow you to design Logos, business cards, and other branding features for minimum set up cost.

#3: White-Label Social Media Marketing

Social media content creation, social media services such as controlled posting, and even rebrandable social media management software are all examples of white-label social media marketing. All of these systems can be rebranded by resellers and marketed at their own price point to provide new social media solutions to their business clientele.

These features are typically useful for customers to maintain good interaction with their target market, improving brand awareness, and increasing revenue.  Some examples of companies that provide this service are Sendible, Loomly, and LYFE.

#4: White-Label Apps

A white-label application is an application created by a private label or white label application development company and renamed and resold by other companies. The White-label application solution may be a service where your business customers request the application from Company B (the reseller), but it is actually built by Company A (third-party service provider). A white label application can also be a specific application created by a vendor, renamed, and resold by multiple resellers.

As the entrepreneurs said, for local businesses, having a website is no longer enough. As online activities continue to shift to mobile devices, mobile applications are now a necessity. Did you know that 90% of mobile phone time is now used to use applications? If your clients want to impress their consumers where they live, then investing in mobile apps for your business is a good decision.

A company that offers this solution is BiznessApps, a white-label mobile app builder service trusted by big brands like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, the New York Times and others.

#5: White-Label Remote Workforce platform

A white-label remote workforce platform allows for your company to connect between teams while working remotely, a feature that is especially useful during this new norm.  a common concern when it comes to remote working is the need for a secure platform due to data breach risks. Therefore, finding a solution that provides top tier security is an absolute must when you’re looking for a remote working white label solution.

CloudD is a remote working platform that fulfils the criteria for a wholesome, secure, and efficient remote working experience. We provide multitenancy or site management features, discussion threads, expert content organization, top-tier search capabilities and most importantly, 256-bit AES encryption for maximum data security.


You have now seen the different ways white labelling can be utilized for your company or even a start-up. It is especially useful if your primary goal is to establish a strong brand in your respective market. It doesn’t just stop there, a good while label solution can even help you establish a secure remote working platform that allows for good brand recognition as well as creates a sense of professionalism. If you’re interested in testing out our CloudD solution, try out our free trial today by clicking here.

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